It’s 28 of February and we have 28 Sundays to go.


Another week has gone by, another scandal was reported. NFL Combine is happening in Indy and those really desperate for any bit of action probably follow the prospects and secretly dream about their team pick this dude over that one.
The start of the new NFL season is less than two weeks away and the craziness of free agency is starting to take wild turns, but us the average folks, we still have 28 painful Sundays to go until the Thursday the 8th of the September comes along and we are going to back in business but until then, let’s try to find out what hides beneath the charming number 28 in our cool little game known as:
Did you know that?

  • Vernon Davis who was traded to Broncos for two six round picks ((2016, 2017) – plus Broncos is to receive 7th rounder in 2016 draft)), in November was targeted 28 times having caught 20 passes for 201 yards and no touchdowns during the stint with the Broncos.
    His first caught pass was from Brock Osweiler after the kind of infamous game against Kansas City where Manning beat Favre’s total yards record while throwing four picks and eventually ending up benched due to foot injury. While his last caught pass occurred when Denver visited the Steelers meaning that, probably outside of the practice the well known veteran caught no passes from the other well known veteran. Life, eh?

  • Sylvester Williams (NT) was drafted overall 28th in 2013 by the Broncos and his cap hit was worth just over 2 million dollars in 2015 season. Williams went on starting 15 games out of 15 he played in, he recorded 2.5 sacks, 17 tackles and he will be 28 in November 2016 while he is still hopefully playing for the team next season.

  • Shaquil Barret (OLB) that Denver picked as an UDFA in 2014 and who played no games in 2014 went onto recording 28 tackles during his 16 games in 2015. He got to start six of them and added 4 forced fumbles, 2 recovered fumbles, and 5.5 sacks. Perhaps a change of Jersey’s number from 50 to 48 helped him, perhaps it was just a natural development.

  • Denver Broncos were faced 28 times against the Extra Point Attempt despite allowing 29 touchdowns. They also got a free pass during one of the PAT’s as they allowed only 27 go through.
    (And as much as the website I use lives details there seems to be too much digging to find that one game out, but if you know in which game Bronco’s opponents missed the extra point, do let me know).

  • As a team the Broncos were ranked 28th in kick and punt returns having returned 29 punts for 283 yards and one touchdown and having to return 27 kick-offs for 588 yards and no scores. Their longest kick return was worth 41 yards and the longest punt return was 83 yards long resulting in touchdown and went to Omar Golden who also recorded the longest kick-off return. Golden will be 28 years old in December 2016 but it remains to be seen if he’ll be still returning man for the Broncos.

And I must admit I expected more fireworks from the number 28 and Denver Broncos mixture but obviously when I decided randomly mix them two together I didn’t realise that the search would not return many big names.
Well, not every week will result in big scores, and not every Sunday the big names will be on our mouths so let’s not despair and get this cool little belt buckle, of course if we are Broncos fans.
When we meet next week there will be only 27 Sundays left to go and we will be that one week happier.


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