Day 443. Is it Sunday?


Maria, found in the Shaw High School toilet. One of the victim of a norovirus.

I swear that one of these days I’ll strangle Preston. He’s been nothing but annoying thanks to being high on his home made smokes and he was just signing about the beauty of wandering, discovering and all that. Yesterday it got us in so much shit I couldn’t believe.
Because Preston needed to express his feelings of gratefulness and amazement we ended up fighting bunch of crazy ghouls that just zeroed in on us like some nuts missile made out of human flesh. Granted Preston fought well and we dealt with the ghouls but was it really needed…? I gotta find a reason to ditch him for someone more stable mentally as this world is stressing enough as it is.
We decided to camp at Shaw High School, or what’s left of it. It was actually nice and comfy. We created a perimeter and made ourselves comfy sleeping areas so the stay there was a great rest plus Preston crashed quickly and went into deep sleep. It was a blessing to have him quiet for a while.
I had discovered yet another body in my slowly starting quest. I was tired and it made me laugh the way the skeleton froze in time so to speak but I soon came to my senses. Death isn’t a matter of laugh.
After initial reconnaissance I got the holotag and some info. Maria Jones was her name. Profession unknown. Cause of death was rather a brutal discovery of how good we all had back in the day. I mean norovirus would make you shit and throw up like crazy but it was pretty much impossible to die of it as the super antis were just dealing with that shit easily.
The picture doesn’t show but her hands were gripping the toilet boil like her life dependent on it. I assume at the point of her death it really was, but norovirus…? She had prescription for some antis. Well the faded paper looked like one with this hard to mistake pink tint to it…
You can never be sure though. I’ll always remember her as a victim of a common norovirus who died in a cold and disheartening hug from a piece of ceramic that’s been pissed on and shat on more than one can imagine.
Nothing was coming to my mind when thinking of a lady named Maria so my second “documented” skeleton was to be another stranger I had the “luck” to meet but misfortune to talk to or not…
Soon enough it was another day and given the decent face off we had with the ghouls it was best to move on and try to find another direction for our journey. I also had to steer our walk towards some human settlements as I needed different company as I was pretty sure Preston was slowly losing his mind on his smokes and his singing wasn’t pretty at all.
We stared one more time at Maria’s boney presence, Preston whispered a strange prayer and we left as the world was waking up to another scorching day.
Well anything as long as it isn’t radiation rain. Looks pretty but hurts as hell…


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