The Terror – Rook – Graham Masterton

If you decided to grab “The Terror”, third book in “Rook” series you must have had liked Jim Rook and his adventures. This time, there’s a new student in our teacher’s class and that new arrival will cause some serious stir.
Rafael Diaz is a dark and mysterious person when he arrives at the scene of our story and he influences the class straight away which leads it all to a strange phenomenon where Rafael, using old Mayan’s ritual, cleanses souls of his new class mates from any irrational fears they might have, regardless of them being agoraphobia, fear of the dark, height or anything else that can plague modern society.
The problem is, the student’s fears haven’t disappeared. All of the fears that Rafael exorcised out of his classmates came back under a disguise of a demonic creature, which starts hunting for Jim’s students. One by one.
Jim has to face the evil yet again and whatever creature he’ll have to face, Jim will be supported by an expert of Mayan’s culture and his… dead friend.
“The Terror” is another great and worthy continuation of the Rook series where Masterson keeps the climate and atmosphere that he already showed to us in his two earlier titles. This time around we get to ask question about the nature of fear and its impact on human behaviour.
Jim’s world is full of humour and the dread that seems to follow him, mainly due to his love towards his students he’d sacrifice his life for. That’s one of the reasons why this story reads so well as we turn the pages all we wish for is for Jim to succeed.


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