A case of a glitched gamer.


Madden NFL 16Every now and again I come to conclusion that no matter what I do with my gaming time I am always behind and always on the losing side loosely speaking.

I do love the multiplayer aspect of gaming but I also enjoy the single player experience and somehow I always lose the track of the balance between them two meaning I’m grumping about at times “as everything sucks big time” and making me wonder what is wrong with me or my gaming choices.
Anyway… It’s all grumbling. I think I found a problem with the gaming itself and it’s the gamers themselves making everything so… dull and kinda wasted.
I recently decided to take a brake from longer gaming session of sports games and just enjoy some shorter sessions as I found myself a bit exhausted with my usual group of people where I play sim like style Madden.
As I had some unused tickets in MUT16 I decided to jump onto the ship of Draft Championship and play against random humans to see where I “really” rank and it only took two games to remind me why, nowadays I tend to look for communities and trying to see if they’ll fit me rather than play online randomly.
I mean, the competitiveness, the must win no matter what attitude is just draining. Every player I faced in the initial phase was basically cheesing his or her way to win. If it wasn’t for hurry up offense, it was then going for it on 4th down, if it wasn’t that it was some strange blitzing and all it went through the five placement games. Most of which I had quit around half time due to not seeing the point of being beaten up by any means and usually loosing by at least two scores. “I get it dude! I’m rubbish. Here’s your ‘well deserved’ win”
Once I went through the initial phase, I then could play against players similar to my level and the only thing that really changed was the person doing the quitting. I was pleased with myself, knowing I can beat cheap tactics of the less skilled/experienced players and win the games but in the end I had to give in as there was just no point in this exercise since I hadn’t managed to finish any games properly due to the quits. Once I thought I’d see the clock ticking down to zeros but my opponent quit on me because I tied the game (!) in 4th quarter. OK, there were a couple of fair instances where the opponent was struggling and would quit in 4th after another turnover or my score but majority it was just rage quitting because things didn’t go their way.
So I found myself enjoying the shorter times of playing but the opponents sucked big times. I changed the opponent to AI and finished some of the solo challenges to win some cards or coins to buy more cards and as I was browsing through the collection sets I realised how many “new player” cards were added and it reminded me why MUT is such a money grabbing business and I turned the PlayStation off to think about it all for a while.
The thinking took me to good old times of several years ago when I used to roam the Battlefield Bad Company 2 fields with my trusty rusty gun and some grenades and then I realised I haven’t played multiplayer FPS for years and the main reason was the same I came across here in Madden. Must win attitude, must have all the gadgets (or anything that the game developer throws at you) and using any kind of glitch one can find about.
As much as I can understand “the need” to exploit AI at some rare times when a developer make things crazy (some MUT solo challenges can drive one nuts)but can’t players just keep these cheap methods to entertain themselves when abusing the AI as opposed to coming into my living room and make me grumpy?
Why everything has to be unlocked straight away? Why we must pay for it? Why can’t we earn things through natural progression while gaming?
Is it all because we all want the instant gratification? Plug and play and master anything within minutes? Where’s the joy of learning? Can’t games be taken as an educational tool as well?
Well. All this thoughts and questions are going through my mind wondering how much the society has changed since the last time I asked that question. And why am I seeing it in fairly dark colours…?
Perhaps I have a strange take on gaming coming from an era of board games and other games kids used to play outside which didn’t need the money (once your parents bought you the Monopoly or Talisman or deck of playing cards…) or there was no way of abusing rules as there was self policing and playing against humans was fun even if you didn’t know them well due to being temporary under a tent somewhere near a lake. We wanted to win too but it felt much fairer and definitely much healthier and funnier. At least I’ve also got games like Fallout where I don’t have to make choice whether to game against humans or not. O!


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