Tooth and Claw – Rook – Graham Masterton


In “Tooth and Claw”, second title in “Rook” series, Graham Masterton swiftly separates Jim Rook from dealing with Voodoo issues as experienced in the first title of the series and takes us back to learning about the Indian culture, as he had done before in few of his books.
As in the first story the pivot point is a murder. This time it appears that the main force of the murder is inside of Jim’s class and it is hidden behind beautiful Susan White Bird, very well protected by her brothers young woman. When one of Susan’s admirers dies, it is them that fall into suspicion of the brutal murder committed on one of Jim’s students but as it turns out, matters are not as simple as firstly thought.
Another murder happens and it is even more bloody and brutal than the previous one and the police realise that Susan’s brothers couldn’t be involved and that’s where Jim realises something out of this world is involved and he must do everything he can to stop the brutality. Firstly though, he has to find out what he is faced against and how it all led to this point.
And that’s where we learn that Susan White Bird had became a part of a mystic deal between her family and the most terrifying creature of Navajo myth, Coyote. She is now under the influence of the old Indian powers and only Jim can rescue her from the deal her family made and Jim is the only one able to stop the murders as the police continues to be puzzled by the whole situation.
Can Jim find a solution? If he does can he do it in time? There’s only one way to find out.
“Tooth and Claw” is a great continuation of Jim’s journey, written in the same style with a nice dose of humour and dread the book reads well and it makes you appreciate how skilfully Graham Masterton utilises variety of myths, legends and folklore of other nations.


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