The yearly tease – MLB The Show


Every year for the past few years I get to tease myself with the well known MLB The Show series that is PlayStation exclusive. Every year I will read about a bit, watch some videos, and promise myself to be brave and jump into the world of baseball and yet, every year I come with an “excuse” as to why not to get involved.
Whether the excuse is “oh it’s 162 games a season” or “Well, what do I really know about baseball” or “Fancy seeing myself trying to hit the ball”, it always works and every year I don’t buy the game and never experience it to see for myself if there’s something in there for me or not.
This year I kind of struggle with an original excuse and I just realised that The Show has a Diamond Dynasty mode which is something along the so popular recently modes in games like MUT in Madden or MyTeam in NBA 2k16 and it got me thinking.
Firstly, how have I missed the info about this mode before and secondly, would I be able to catch the bug by playing this mode without the need for a whole season franchise thing or my player mode and I might have found an excuse for buying the game.
From some reading and research the mode came to life not be “pay for win” as MUT is said to be and with addition of you dynasty player that is meant to be developed by you, it made me think that this might be it.
A progression tracked by the development of your player with I assume ease of jumping in and out of games or challenges included in the mode.
I suppose collecting cards would not be exciting given the fact I never followed an MLB team nor I really know any players but it’d be a way to get to know some, have some fun or frustrations and get involved into baseball microcosms (I think the lack of football season is already rearing its ugly head, and with my stubbornness not to get sucked into NBA again I perhaps am looking for some sporting filler until August, as the coming F1 season sees me absolutely meehh about it).
Well I don’t know. It is still over a month until MLB The Show 16 hits the market so I’ve got some time to think but hey, wouldn’t be exciting trying to get that home run during a rainy night?


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