Rook – Graham Masterton


Sometimes a change of scenery is nice, hence I decided to revisit Graham Masterson’s book shelf and here I’d like you to meet Jim Rook who is the main protagonists of little series written by the writer. The series starts with “Rook”, title that mainly introduces us to life of English teacher Jim Rook, who teaches a remedial class in Los Angeles high school.
Jim possesses some unique paranormal skills as well as ability to communicate with ghosts of all sorts. He inherited these skills after he nearly died of pneumonia as a child. He doesn’t really want to abuse them but it is hard not to interact with the other side.
He takes his teaching and his students very seriously and he is close to many of them so when one of his students is accused of murder, Jim gets upset and also very involved in the matter.
Jim suspects that one of his students’ uncle Umber is involved but the suspicious man has a solid alibi and that’s how we get all tangled up in this great little story where the atmosphere of thrill and dread is slowly building up in us in anticipation of the worst.
As it turns Umber’s alibi didn’t mean a thing as he is able to leave his body and transform into a ghost when he is able to commit crimes easily. It is going to take a lot of Jim’s effort in trying to prove who the real murderer is and that’s how we will get to know Jim and some of his students living through their first joint escapade.
“Rook” being the first book in the series has a role of introducing us to the person of Jim and his students, explaining to us the world our characters live in.
I must admit I came towards thus title a bit apprehensive as the whole book lacked the general brutality and sex aura so often met in Masterson’s books but I enjoyed the story and the life of Jim Rook to the point I quickly went onto searching for another book from the series as I wanted to move back to Los Angeles area to meet Jim and see what he is up to.


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