Living room athlete.


Sofa sportsman of the year.
The reclined acrobat.
Carpet based gymnast…
It doesn’t matter what name we can call this slowly coming to life phenomenon but it is quite easy and comfortable to perform variety of sports at home. Ha! We can even find recognition, prizes and money while all we do is enjoy ourselves in front of our screens.
It’s been puzzling me recently why there is so many new “e-sports” tournaments coming to life. I mean I play Madden but I don’t compete for money there, given my skill level I don’t really compete, I’m sort of trying to enjoy playing against human beings as opposed to AI.
There are people who can commit enough time and I would imagine some real life money into making their gaming time a bit of a career, whether they want to become racing drivers, basketball players who want to shine on NBA platform or someone who just likes hitting people hard but doesn’t really fancy to grind and isn’t into experiencing pain of american football.
At least these three areas of my gaming that recently have been invited into the world of the digital sports. I mean, in NBA 2k16 you need four more players (I think, unless it’s 3vs3) and off you go, you can challenge the world in a game of basketball in a mode called Pro-Am. The main prize, tickets to NBA finals and 250000 American dollars, and the winner might have never held a basketball in their hands. It amazes me that we live in this strange world where we can actually become some sort of virtual celebrities as long as….???
As what? I have no idea what it takes to become a professional racing driver where your starting point is a racing simulator. It can be done as winners of GT Academy from across the world can confirm it is doable. Great for them.
Now the next step is to ask, if the way the gaming worlds go, whether it’d be possible to train an armchair basketball player into an NBA player??? And if there’s a point in doing that?
I mean it’s great that these events are happening as there’s many people who for many reasons might not be great at sports but yet, their understanding of a game and some “sticks skills” can bring them some fame and money?
It is just a crazy world we live in and while I shyly look at one of the websites offering weekly races for some money I might get a calling and become ‘the dual shock racing god’, and while I try to see if playing Draft Championship on Madden against humans for ranked positions makes sense, I work out how much of game bending rules is required for me to win, while doing all that I might as well realise I’ll never accomplish Sofa Sportsmanship Fame as I come towards the gaming in too much of a casual way.
And there is nothing wrong with that. O!


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