I am very sorry to hear that, Codsworth.

That means you’re, erm… two centuries late for dinner! Perhaps I could whip you up a snack? You must be famished!

It is hard not to feel sorry for Codsworth once you get to spend some time with him. If he was of human statue I could probably give him a big hug several times during many encounters with him. Of course if he wasn’t stuck inside of my tv.
You should meet your robotic butler pretty quickly after leaving the vault 111, all you have to do is to head to your home or what’s left of it after the war. It is great to see good ol’ Codsworth around, making sure he is looking after the surroundings even though there’s nothing really to look after.
As you talk with that robust Mr. Handy you realise he was initially busy with all the housework, including waxing the floor tiles, or polishing your old rusty car but as Codsworth admits himself that the war and the isolation eventually got to him and you realise your robotic mate feels quite depressed.
He went onto looking for companion but since he was badly treated in Concord he returned to Sanctuary and did his best to pretend that nothing happened. And it finally rewards him as you come along and offer him to travel with you.
What a fierce companion Codsworth is! I really enjoyed how he masterfully operates his circular saw and how his arms go all nuts towards the enemies and you soon realise he is quite a good companion to have, especially at the start as he really takes the heat off you in the combat.
As you two travel through the wasteland you sometimes wish, that there was a way of turning the robot into something more of a human nature to increase the closeness of reactions but not all is bad as despite his metallic case Codsworth has plenty of soul and spending time with him isn’t a wasted time.
I have travelled with him few times, I can’t really think if I like his perk after reaching maximum affinity or not but I’m more than sure that Codsworth is more human than some of the humans you come across in game and perhaps in real life.


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