Christine -Stephen King


I wasn’t really sure if to even start writing about “Christine” by Stephen King as in my world I can’t imagine a single person who wouldn’t have read that phenomenal book. Not to mention seeing the film based on that novel but its specific character, atmosphere and the soulless evil of the matter presented in the book makes me only hope that there actually might be some unlucky people who never came across Christine.
It is a car, Plymouth Fury to be exact, a red car named Christine. A powerful machine, which possessed a 17 year old boy named Arnie. He saw that car and fell in love with it straight away. The feeling of love towards that car hit him right in the middle of his heart.
Christine knew who to possess, a shy, not very liked boy, who very often would fall a victim of pranks was an ideal choice, especially that he had great skill in fixing cars and a greater passion of love for cars. It’s a love from the first is sight and Arnie is lost quicker than he can realise. He can only think of the red colour the car is finished in, about the chrome details and finishes about how important it is to restore the car to what it was in the first place.
And slowly but surely, Arnie becomes more confident, more popular and much stronger mentally as Christine needs him as she looks for the revenge as she has some business to finish and the hunting begins…
“Christine” is a book about the first love, about obsessions and about the car that manipulates a teenage boy the way it wants so he only prioritises the needs of the car slowly cutting him off from everything that was connecting him to humanity. The car needs to punish some people for the lack of care towards it but it also recognise the need to punish those who hurt Arnie. The car is like a possessive woman and the question that is to be answered is who will win Arnie’s soul? The car or the humanity?
I read this book several times and I had watched the movie too and I find it amazing how Stephen King turned an ordinary daily object such as car into such blood thirsty creature… It is really a classic among so many of King’s books.


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