Journaling gaming adventures

I had a bit different idea when the thought of having a semiprofessional blog arrived at my grey matters but live proved me again that even best laid plans can be changed and sometimes have to be changed. In my case, at the moment it is a bit of improvisation really.
I mean I’m going to carry on with my little Madden series but I’d also like to play some of the games and recently I’m struggling to find the energy to get through 10 mins quarters of Madden especially when I realised that I started to struggle to get set well defensively which annoys me greatly thus making me sulk a bit and waiting for better mood to pop into my household.
I thought of journaling Fallout New Vegas when I started it recently but the game’s old and everyone remotely interested in the subject would not be interested in “microwaved” stuff. I’m enjoying the game as there are choices given to me as how to progress with the quests (in my recent adventure at Helios One I restored the power but spread it evenly despite the instructions given to me by the big headed idiot and also fried all NCR soldiers in vicinity. That was a small accident, but hey. It was fun), something that for some reason Fallout 4 was missing.

I find the combat harder and the limit of levels and the limited choice in perks I have is really refreshing as every decision is magnified. I wish, Bethesda came up with an idea of allowing us an option of let’s say choosing a perk every fifth level or even tenth when it comes to Fallout 4.
I think the four or so years between the titles show that the society wants to play games but due to many reasons we don’t have the time to grind and earn things slowly. We expect the instant gratification and to some degree it spoils the experience I get when playing games nowadays.
Anyways… I’m rumbling again with little sense but I think my gaming misses something or I’m expecting too much out of it. It’s hard to say.
I think it’ll take some serious heavy thinking and some trial and error of where I would want to find this section of a blog to be but I’ll carry on trying as I need this “creative” outlet in my life to wake up some things in me that have been asleep for a very long time.
Well. It wasn’t much of a journaling entry but at least it made me think about something else than this awful headache I have been dealing past few hours. Until next loading screen girls and guys!


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