Tommyknockers -Stephen King


“Tommyknockers” is a name as good as any when it comes to this piece written by Stephen King. What is Tommyknockers? For me it is fear in its basic form.
For Bobbi Anderson, one of the main characters, Tommyknockers is her demonic sister who knows everything better and who one needs to listen to, otherwise she gets angry. Really angry. For Jim Gardner, who is Bobby’s lover Tommyknockers is the dry feeling in his throat that gets cured with a splash of whiskey, or two… three splashes. The more the better. He doesn’t drink really, does he?
For Ruth, Tommyknockers is her most loved town of Haven and people living there… and the dolls she collects in her room. As I said Tommyknockers is name as good as any when it comes to this book as this title is odd, really tiring at times but it is worth sticking to it to the very end…
One day Bobby who is walking around, trips over something and she tries to dig it out, as it turns out it is a bit of flying saucer. And this finding triggers slow change that will occur to the people of Haven. Bobby will start losing weight, her dog will start getting younger…
It’s Tommyknockers. It’s the crashed saucer with dead aliens and the little town of Haven, slowly becoming one odd place as the people of Haven start losing teeth and something else… perhaps their souls, perhaps their marbels, who knows…?
But as the isolation of the town becomes more and more evident and people start to stay clear from it as entering the town and breathing in the air seems dangerous, the Haven’s lot becomes inventive because what kind of price is a pair of missing teeth in exchange of finding cure for cancer, or knowledge of how to power the whole house with couple of batteries… It’s only teeth… and that something else…
It is really hard to describe “Tommyknockers” in one way or another. The novel is quite multidimensional with few characters taking centre stage at times. It is not a typical alien story neither it is a story about a haunted home or place. It is a strange journey that at times might become a bit tiring (as the book is a bit lengthy) but a journey that takes you to unexpected territories and it is worth taking, even though after experiencing it nothing seems the same.


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