Firestarter – Stephen King



I’m not sure how I came across “Firestarter” by Stephen King but the book cover and the description bit at the back had me really interested in this book. I remember settling down to read it and trying to get it done in one sitting for one reason or another. Some books just trigger something in me causing me to either speed through the book or sometimes take one bit at a time and enjoy it so slowly that’s nearly painful. Anyway…
We meet Andy and Vicky, couple of teens that take a part in secret experiment funded by the government. Andy being a poor fellow is driven into the situation by financial aspects and that’s where he comes across Vicki who will later become his wife.
The couple of teens have a hallucinogenic substance injected into their systems which as it turns out creates a lot of destruction within the bodies, including changes to the body’s chromosomes. Since that experiment, both of our protagonists start to find out new skills they posses.
Andy soon realises he can control minds of others and influence their way of thinking while Vicky seems to be in possession of a telekinesis skill. The duo is shocked and scared about their discoveries and they do their best not to overuse their new “talents” as they go through their lives.
The life throws a spanner in spanner into the works though and Andy and Vicki become parents to a lovely little girl they name Charlie. It doesn’t take long to find out that Charlie isn’t like many other kids of her age, and eventually the parents realise their daughter can use pyrokinesis, a skill that see the girl being able to create and control fire with her mind.
Unfortunately the unique family is not able to leave peacefully as the substance they had injected is still a reason for many people’s interest in the couple and their daughter is even a bigger reason for the interest to increase. One day the race to capture the family begins and matters do take unexpected turns.
Andy finds his wife dead at their home, but someone removed all her nails. Without thinking much it’s time to take action and Andy does just that. He and his girl start a great escape from the dangerous people and no one is prepared as to what lies ahead of them. Not the people who do the chasing, not Andy and definitely not the little girl…
“Firestarter” isn’t a horror book, or even a thriller as such. It drifts somewhere between the sci-fi and fast action story with a a supernatural twist but it does read fairly well and for those who would like a change of pace or scenery from more traditional books by Stephen King it is a title worth considering.


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