The journey continues. Nightwish – Wishmaster



I couldn’t get into the flow of “Wishmaster” despite many sessions of listening and I was going to give up on the third album by Finnish maestros Nightwish but the music from this album kept on existing in my surroundings and I am glad it did as eventually it all clicked in and became one wonderful masterpiece where there is place for anger and fight, the same as for dreamy atmosphere and nostalgia.
The selection of songs and their mix among each other give the album this specific feel and can make you feel all ready to face the biggest evil in one moment to feeling very vulnerable in another.
There isn’t much energy going throughout but opening track “She is the Sin” or titled “Wishmaster” will give you some kicks of energy, while still keeping your soul within the realms of fairy tales and innocent dreaming that suits so well “A Dead Boy’s Poem” or “Come Cover Me”, pieces that are much calmer, slower and very on the edge of romantically induced coma, mainly thanks to Tarja’s vocals that wrap around you like a death wish.
“FantasMic” or “Wanderlust” are much more symphonical and almost mystic taking you to the edge of what is discoverable but not much further as to preserve what hides underneath the shadows.
“Wishmaster” isn’t the band’s best album but it is there in top of their creations, especially that it was produced early into the band’s existence it serves well as a stage of perhaps big town concert, teasing you with promise that the next time you’ll have to gather all of your energy to GI and visit a huge city full of lights and fireworks…
Providing you can gather yourself after the dark, hidden in deep woods story for children who are not so easily scared.


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