We’re in Nightwish realms. “Angels Fall First”


I don’t exactly remember when I first heard “Angels Fall First” by Nightwish but I remember the moment I bought it. I saw the cover of that album (it was on the slowly dying out tapes) and I thought that this little thing would be a great little gift for that someone in my life.
I bought it, wrapped and gave it and kinda went about my life.
I knew she liked the album as she told me so some time later but I was on a different discovery road and wasn’t paying attention to this band…
Until some time later when I heard a different song from different album it dawned on me that I never really got to listen to the album I had given as a little gift…
I thought it was kinda odd not to enquire further for so long but then, back in a day I used to go with my internal flow a lot and it’s a shame because I now know this album would fit perfectly into the winter scenery around me, the snow covered pavements, tress, fences…
The frosty cold getting to you and your bones with every beat, riff and every note that spilled out of Tarja’s mouth, and given the times female vocals were still somewhat a rarity, especially the ones who can sing on opera like scale.
Little I knew back then that this band would accompany me through many life journeys….
And as for the album itself… it’s calm and yet angry at times. The vocals very often appear to be sad, crying for help just to become more forceful and decisive.
You get plenty of gentle guitar weeps mixed with a lot of angry riffs and the basses laying the background nicely.
There’s plenty of keyboard magic as well as some Finnish influence so well mixed into the whole composition making you just sink and sink into the notes more and more with passing time.
“Angels Fall First” is the début album by Nightwish. It is simply an invitation for a fruitful journey of discovery you can not simply refuse and the whole creation is best listened in darkness, during cold winter night from the first sound to the very last sight of relief…
Just a tease from somewhere half way through…


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