The Dead Zone – Stephen King



The action of “The Dead Zone” by Stephen King happens in the hot period of American rebellion. Career of their president is very fragile, students protest against the Vietnam War and that’s where we met John, a young teacher who is in love in another teacher, named Sarah.
One evening they go to a festival and John showcases his ability to predict things by winning the “wheel of fortune” what he doesn’t manage to predict is that the evening will finish quite bad for him.
As Sarah complains of not feeling well, John takes her back to her place and then orders a cab to come back to his home. He never gets there though as a terrible accident, where few fatalities occur, happens.
Somehow, John survives but he is in coma and he’ll be in this state for several years. Eventually when he wakes up after some years he realises that the world around him changed and soon he notices he changed as well.
John realises he posses magnificent skills as when he touches a person he is able to see the past and the future of a said person. As he develops the use of his unique skill, John starts to suffer from more frequent headaches and it is not helped by the fact his skills become a common knowledge. John feels trapped and he wants to find himself in the world that just isn’t his anymore…
This title isn’t one of King’s usual works. I’d put it more on a side of a thriller with not a lot of dread or horror there but the wat he builds the characters is quite unique and it creates the very common atmosphere that I got to like when reaching for King’s books.
Every single event, no matter how trivial appears to have an effect on how the action flows and each person has its own right to be in this book.
In “The Dead Zone” everything, no matter how out of place it might feel, and everyone, no matter how vague his or her person might appear are heading into one big dramatic ending that is masterfully created and led to in just the right speed without any unnecessary content.
The title is definitely worth the read if you like more down to earth thrillers with a bit of twist and if you happen to be a fan of Stephen King, this book is a worthy addition to your collection and a nice change of pace that allows you to appreciate how talented King is and how well he can keep you guessing till the very end.


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