Fallout 4 – DLC thoughts and such (late ones, I know).


Fallout 4_20160115220557

Yes! I know! I know! I’m late! I’m always late these days, I reckon getting old and unwell has something to do with it but better later than never and those who are last shall be first… Or whatever saying, folk’s wisdom, or a biblical warning you’d like to insert here.
Having finished Fallout 4 the only thing left for me was restarting with a brand new character and set of rules ideas or wait for some DLC to be released. Alternatively doing something completely unrelated.
Well I set on grabbing second hand copy of Fallout: New Vegas but that’s a story for another evening kids.
Anyways. Since Bethesda mentioned something in their tweeter feed about tweaking the survival mode I decided to wait out and see what’s what before starting a new (preferably a female) character. In the meantime there were news of DLC dropping down soon(-ish) and sad news (for me) of increase in price of the season pass which I am yet to obtain as it never seemed like something urgent or really desperately needed given my budget. I wish I had asked for it as a Xmas gift but now it’s too late and I have got less than two weeks to fish out some caps for it or expect to pay up more when I have the dough and can spend it on the DLC. Well I could wait for some offer down the road (F4 GOTY Edition???) and try then but if I’d like to introduce the stuff as it comes along?
Well. The stuff itself. From what has been revealed to us I’m looking forward the most to May 2016 and the release of “Far Harbor” given the fact it’s going to be a completely new area with some quest and faction issues to solve and hopefully a heavy involvement from Nick, this package might be the icing on the too of already delicious cake. £19.99 is only five pounds less than what I’m expected to pay for season pass now. Its gonna be double the “Far Harbor” comes March.
I’m not much bothered by “Wasteland Workshop” as I think I’m missing out something completely obvious that’d be worth spending four pounds minus the penny. Yeah bunch of new items for settlements sounds like a cool idea but am I really gonna use it that much? Given the fact I’m still quite “young and silly” in terms of creating settlements I think I could live without that, and the addition of trapping creatures of all sorts just completely misses my senses of excitement and I don’t know why.
“Automatron” is the thing that would really excite my son, while I would be expected to hunt the myriad of robots he’d expect to be the main designer of new breeds of robotic wanders and I can see myself enjoying having some strange companions. The thing is we always run low on adhesive and if it us still needed to put them robots together I can imagine myself aggressively tending to my crops, mutfruits and whatnot to create a huge supply of vegetable starch. Ah the joys…
Since I’m only human that likes new things it’s always so common to weigh the pros and cons but I’m inclined to eventually grab that DLC season pass, only wondering what marketing trick Bethesda had in mind. Whether was it a case of “Hm…. John we don’t seem to have sold a lot of passes. Gotta trigger it off somehow” or “Well. Whoever wanted the stuff, got it already. The rest who is late will have to pay a bit more”.
Perhaps it was something else but that’s life and the issues relating to DLC, its content and pricing is always a slippery slope. At the end of the day the main product was sold to me in a lower price bracket I expected to pay for so I can’t complain for Bethesda taking this turn with their product. At the end of the day they left us two weeks to make our minds up and it is fair. It’s them that put that whole thing together.
I’m just sat here blabbing some sad nonsense to myself.


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