Preston! Leave me alone, please.


No seriously! Preston is like a nasty cold. It sticks to you, makes you tired, agitated, and there’s no answer to its repetitions. It just keeps coming back.
That’s Preston. Well not from the start, initially he seems like a lost soul trying to lead his tiny group to a safety so if course, as a good citizen of Commonwealth, you help him. Naturally you might come across him early in the game, for me it happened a some time later as I kept on avoiding doing this quest. I suppose I had my reasons to postpone it but eventually it had to be done and I led the lost group into peace of Sanctuary.
I didn’t mind helping Preston clearing out possible places for settlement, or helping people, he would send me to, deal with raiders, ghouls or super mutants but eventually I started avoiding him as plague because there were always some unfinished quests in my pip boy and I had enough, as Preston can’t take a hint and chill for a while…
The dreaded moment of him becoming my companion came and I got to know Preston a bit better, I felt sorry for him and a bit bummed when he told me he was about to give up and sod all the Minutemen crap until I came across and changed his mind, proving there’s reason to fight and all that bla bla bla….
As we travelled through I kept on counting the hours I could get rid of him and I was finally relieved of the big listening ear duty.
I left him at Abernathy Farm, took his stupid hat and his jacket and dressed him in some mailman stuff as it looked more suitable for the purpose of tending to our melons.
Unfortunately the quests keep on coming as soon as you approach him letting him know you finished the previous one. You see, Preston believes in you and the future under Minutemen watch, even though you had enough of him and you really don’t care that much about his silly visions as at the end you do all the dirty work, despite Preston calling you the General. I’m not even sure if his perk (giving you 20% more damage and 20 points of damage resistance when facing three or more enemies) was really worth all the boring stuff his person brings to the table. Yuck.


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