Pet Sematary – Stephen King



I didn’t think much about “Pet Sematary” by Stephen King when I first saw the title on a library’s shelf. The misspelled title grabbed my attention but initially I thought the story wouldn’t be really great or even very good but King proved me wrong. Very wrong.
The Creeds move to a calm little town called Ludlow. The father being a doctor, with a wife and two kids…oh and a cat. They quickly settle down, despite coming from a big city of Chicago. One of their neighbours explains that there is a cemetery for pets near the Creeds’ house.
The place was named ‘Pet Sematary’ due to kids who thought of it, making some kids like spelling mistakes. It is a bit of an odd place with a strange atmosphere to it but the new coming family doesn’t really worry much about it.
They do get warned about the busy road where there is plenty of passing trucks.
One day while the whole family is away, their cat gets run over. The father with the help of his neighbour bury the family cat at the cemetery and the next day, the cat is back…!
One would imagine that the return of the cat could really disturb the life of the family, especially that it badly smells of ground and all of sudden it starts attacking other creatures…
By this time I was so engrossed in the story and the cat that my mind was picturing loads of various stuff happening to the family and the cat but I didn’t see the “surprise” that King was about to hand out.
The busy road near the house claims life of the Creeds’ son and shocked father will do anything to bring his son back… Now the horror really begins and our lives will never be the same. Neither will be the little cemetery’s image in our heads.
“Pet Sematary” is Stephen King’s earlier titles and for me it is a classic in how to scare a reader with seemingly friendly and not dangerous beings. The atmosphere of the cemetery for pets paints a picture of a living and caring community until one finds out what happens there and starts to wonder if the family of Creeds was the first one to experience such things and if they weren’t… Well what other things might have happened there through the years…???


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