MacCready- why did I hire you??


Fallout 4_20160129122111

I like completing lists at times. I like collecting useless stuff. I like wasting time on discovering things no one cares about. Hence I came across Robert MacCready while playing Fallout 4. He can be one of your companions and it’s entirely up to you as you need to hire him. It’ll cost ya 250 caps, unless your ground shattering charisma can knock the price down to 200, but before you get to talk the business with him, first you need to find him and it is an easy task to accomplish or to miss as you find McCready in The Third Rail bar in Goodneighbor.
The venue is actually filled in with few interesting people hence it is easy to miss our potential companion but you can always come back there (if you already visited the lovely atmospheric establishment) and talk to MacCready.
Once hired he’ll become available as your companion and eventually you get to know him better and if you played Fallout 3 you’ll soon realise that you already met him in a different place at different times but I let him to tell you what and how it happened if you choose to side with him.
I found him mostly annoying and just really wanting to get rid off him quickly but there’s a quest to complete before he’ll love you forever and the quest is not a short one too.
So I stuck with him, and I tried to ignore his remarks at times and in a way it had been a great journey as during his quest “The Long Road Ahead” we find out a lot more about his past and we realise he isn’t all the business type of a fella and to some degree, helping him with his quest made me like him a bit more but still, as soon as we were done he was sent to Abernathy Farm to tend to tatos and such. His perk is definitely worth seeing the relationship through and depending on what person you are, he might be a fun guy to spend time with or even perhaps do a bit of romancing on a side as the characters in Fallout 4 are not that fussy when it comes down to getting frisky.


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