What if? The Madden Way. Time goes by, so do people…


Madden NFL 16_20160211233236

Patience is a funny thing and sometimes it simply runs out. There were plenty of changes within the 49ers, first the offensive coordinator was gone, the newly appointed one moved Marcin Magician to number 2 and apparently there was talk of trade if he wouldn’t deliver any results. There was also change of offensive philosophy and it was all meant to pay dividends.
It didn’t though. San Francisco went to play Tampa Bay and they lost badly 14-28 while looking more lost than ever in the season.
The only person to find a mojo was Magician as he finished with 6 catches for 98 yards. Fans could see him smiling a bit but it was all sour sweet as the team was 1-6 at this point and there were no sign that things would be better.
Washington’s fans uplifted after last win were hoping for more and knowing that the team employed a new quarterback coach to go along some virtual technology there were hopes that Liam’s game would become less erratic.
It didn’t. Most of the day Liam kept missing wide open targets and then he’d go onto squeezing the ball into tight windows for 238 yards with one touchdown and one pick on 23 completions out of 40 attempts, the Redskibs left the turf beaten up again. 17-34 was a brutal sight on the scoreboard. At this time of the season 2-5 record was not what was expected of the team.
But not all was lost in the world of our characters. Griswald’s Colts went to Jacksonville for a very important divisional match up and left victorious with big time beating of Jaguars 31-13. Luck didn’t do much with 187 yards (15-20, 2-1) but he didn’t have to.
Running backs had the game under control with Jackson racking up 92 yards on 23 carries plus a touchdown. C. West filling in for injured Talbot carried the ball 15 times for 57 yards and a score. Was it a sign of changes? 3-4 Colts were hoping for that as they needed some good games to become a serious playoff team.


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