The Stand – Stephen King


“The Stand” by Stephen King remains one of my all time favourite title of all time. I mean, it’s massive with over thousand pages, the world has disappeared in a post apocalyptic scenario and there is the unknown heading towards us. Brilliant!
Everything starts from one soldier who works in a secret facility and who gets infected with a deadly various. The man tries to escape as far as he can and this way he infects his partner, a kid and then… by the chain reaction nearly everyone in the United States of America. By this time I was already so deep in this book that I knew there’ll be some little sleep and skipping real life responsibilities.
People die everywhere. It all happens so suddenly and violently that the streets are just full of dead bodies.
And there, we slowly get to meet our heroes, a small group of people which has resistance to the captain Trips virus, as it is called by the media (while they still exist).
The “chosen” people are fine, nothing seems to be wrong with them, except the fact that they are exposed to the dreadful sight of overwhelming death everywhere they go. Inside houses, shops, offices. Everywhere. They have one and only one goal. Survive! It seems so trivial but yet so complicated in this post apocalyptic world full of dead bodies and unanswered questions.
They also dream. Most of them have the same or very similar dreams. Sometimes they are called in their dreams by an old black lady, and sometimes by a Dark Knight.
Everyone who survived the epidemic has the same set of dreams. And everyone must make a choice. The lady or the Knight…
After the near-wipeout, the society has to reborn eventually, the society has to become organised, ready to rebuild, ready to plant love…
It’s a beautifully set story with a myriad of characters. “The Stand” makes you ask several questions about yourself and your values. As we travel with our characters we stand in front of the choices, and the same as our characters we must go towards our goal. We also must decide who to follow? The Knight or the Lady?


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