What if? The Madden Way. Can’t keep loosing.


Madden NFL 16_20160211233743

As the old saying goes. If you lose you can’t choose or something or other. Our characters found themselves in this desperate hole where they so badly needed a win, a good performance that would lift their moods. Their coaches were grumpy, fans weren’t so cheerful and the life in general sucked like nobody’s business.
It was time for changes, but would their effort work? Indiana travelled to Tennessee for this very important divisional match up, they really couldn’t afford to lose and somehow they pulled an upset when with 1:30 left and Titans driving they did enough to cause a fumble and preserve their lead 31-27 to then it into a win. Andrew Luck had a sluggish game and was again outplayed by opposing quarterback but his 225 yards with no interceptions was enough, especially that his passing was really good with 17-23 ratio. Griswald was happy to win and there were few smiles around the team.
Washington was hosting Baltimore and the Skins were very determined not to let their fan base down plus they really needed the big W so there was plenty of motivational speeches from the coaches and team captains. The day was a great one for a family day out and the stadium was packed, Liam Magician was pumped up and he delivered a great game stealing the the win in last minute with a 65-yards pass for a winning touchdown. The Redskins won 29-26 and Liam had 261 yards (23-37, 3-1) on his account. The problems were not over yet but things looked a bit better in Washington.
Were matters weren’t improving was in San Francisco. Battered 49ers travelled to Arizona for well needed win but yet again they came short losing 17-24 after series of few mental drops and couple of unusual drops by Marcin Magician who finished the game with career low of 13 yards and one reception. It was obvious things were getting to Marcin and he needed to sort his brains out sooner than later as the coaches were thinking of making him number two receiver due to his ineffectiveness with a view into benching him altogether.
There were tough times ahead of Marcin and some fans still believed in his hidden skills and that he’d deliver a game that would lift his confidence up.


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