Salem’s Lot -Stephen King


I came across “Salem’s Lot” in a library where I was desperately looking for some more Graham Masterson’s books and eventually had to admit to a defeat and look for another author I could discover. Since the name King was appearing several times on the shelves of my usual libraries I grabbed one title, read the description bit at the end and decided to give it a shot.
And all of sudden I was in Salem, a fictional town not far away from Portland which would later on become prototype of all those lovely towns in state of Maine where Stephen King will be taking us for journeys.
Ben Mears comes back to the town of Salem after many years. He’s got a story to write, death of his wife and some past to deal with. As a kid, Ben like many other kids was very interested in one of the houses in the town.
House of family Marsten, where the owner shoot his wife and then hang himself was the town’s object of many stories for many years as the building remained empty, and many kids were really trying to find out what happened there, that included Ben who got tricked to look inside. Whatever he saw there is going to travel with Ben wherever he goes for rest of his life and some nights Ben would wish that a sleep wouldn’t come.
It takes Ben a while to start being accepted within the town’s community but every time he sees the Marston’s house he shivers and the past begins to haunt him.
Things turn unexpectedly when Mr. Starker with his mysterious friend acquire the house where he intends to open a shop with antiques…
Soon there’s plenitude of unexpected occurrences that start happening in the town, people start going missing, there are some deaths… It all becomes very dreary and Ben with a help of local teacher come to conclusion that there are vampires in the town of Salem…
And that was all I needed to realise I have plenty of journeys to go to while waiting to grab another Masterson’s book and the the travel with Stephen King that started from “Salem’s Lot” definitely has been a fruitful one. I got to love all these unique places where he takes us during his stories and the sublime change from brutality of Graham’s book was a welcomed addition to my years of imagination travels around many dark corners of human mind…


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