Dolores Claiborne – Stephen King



“Dolores Claiborne” is another book by Stephen King which I grabbed early in my reading discovery. I think I just need a bit of break here from Mastertons and this title came to my mind when I was thinking about how easily a book can “transport” you into a different world and make everything around you so irrelevant.
It is important to not that this book will make you feel like you are having long one sided listening session of a person who tries to explain what led her to doing what she did and in thus title, King will present it to you in a form of a monologue.
We meet Dolores when she is interrogated by the police and we soon assume she is in some sort of deep troubles, as she is accused of killing Vera Donovan. From the beginning our protagonist is very clear that she didn’t touch a hair on Vera’s head but she slaughtered her husband but before she will get into details of that Dolores is going to take us on a journey of her life, and what a life it had been.
From the early stages of the history one can only sympathise with our character as her life is just tough. We find out that Dolores started to work at Vera’s and the job there was easy to loose and everyone knew that Very was a real bitch. For example she’d expect her workers to hang the bed sheet using six pegs instead of four or any other amount. Sometimes she could fire her worker just because she wasn’t in a good mood. Working for Dolores was just pure hell but Dolores didn’t have any other choice as she had four children and one useless, selfish husband.
To describe her husband as a pig it’d be a huge understatement, the guy appeared hostile towards his family and even tried his luck with his daughter… And so the story continues from Dolores’ hell at home to Dolores’ hell at work. Page after page you’re just drowning slowly in pain and desperation of the horrendous daily life has to endure… It is no wonder she eventually snaps and it is hard not to cheer on Dolores knowing what life she had had.
“Dolores Claiborne” is a story set in a very atmospheric scenery and the “time travel” through the eyes of our protagonist makes it that harder to stand as one just can not feel angry with her or shocked that she could commit murder… but who in the end killed Vera???


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