What if? The Madden Way. Another day, another down.


Madden NFL 16_20160211223912

It is hard to imagine what must go through the mind of a player who tries his best, yet his team looses. It must be frustrating and it eventually can start affecting said player’s performance.
That was the case with Marcin Magician and his struggling 49ers. He was beginning to struggle. In the game against the Dolphins he caught 4 passes which resulted in only 19 yards. Granted, one of them was a great 2 yard pass for a touchdown but Marcin was great he was far away from home and his friends. He began doubting himself and the shadow behind his back grew bigger and bigger. Especial after another ugly loss 21-35.
In New York, the Redskins were facing local Giants. It was obvious the team really needed great game from its quarterback but that just wasn’t about happen.
Liam Magician had a pedestrian game where he threw for 254 yards (18-29, 1-1) but the line interception he threw Kate in third quarter possibly changed the game momentum as at the time both teams were tied 13-13.
Sometimes it just happens, sometimes it sparks something else and sometimes it is only a reaction to previous action. Liam was in dumps and he needed a pick up.
Griswald was struggling to get his message through the players and he struggled with calls during games. It was evident in an ugly loss to Denver at your own turf. The 17-37 score stung and no one around wondered why the fans were booing. The Colts were awful and Andrew Luck kept on being outplayed by the opposing quarterbacks. This week, Luck passed for only 172 yards (20-39, 2-2) and he got fully outplayed by Sieman who had a game of his life with great stats of 387 yds, 27-41, 4-0.
People started begin to question if Luck was the future and whether he was the right choice. Struggling running game was not making things any better.
That what football life can be about. The painful lows and nowhere to hide. And the end of the season was season was far despite it felt like it was over.


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