Night Plague – Graham Masterton



“Night Plague” is the third book from Graham Masterton’s series called “Night Warriors” and in my opinion is the best from the series as its atmosphere is rather brutal in places reminding me of some darkest titles written by Masterton.
Stanley, an American cello players is brutally raped while in London with a visit. The attacker seems to be a pale faced figure wearing hooded piece of clothing. As it later turns out, the rapist isn’t human and the act of raping is much more than just a sexual offense and its meaning is much more deeper than we could originally anticipate.
What occurs is Stanley gets infected with the Night Plague that transmits through violent sex acts while person who’s infected is having dreams. The goal of the infection is to destroy the soul, not the body.
Once infected, one can not get rid of dark thoughts, he or she loses the sense of dignity and slowly starts sliding down into hole of madness.
While his own identity starts falling apart, Stanley finds out he is a descendant of a Night Warrior and his destiny is to fight against the evil, which started spreading the plague.
Fortunately he is not alone in the fight and with the help of other Night Warriors Stanley must face the quickly growing troubles. We find out that two other Night Warriors became infected and there is less and less time and the evil and the plague grows stronger and becomes bigger. Eventually witch Isabel, the best servant of Satan, who was kept captured in stoned prison while she was asleep, slowly wakes up and becomes more powerful.
The matters reach the peak when one finds out that the witch has a baby with one of the Night Warriors…
In “Night Plague” Graham Masterton introduces new ideas that keep the series fresh and give some extra light at the whole story. There’s a lack of brave fights to visualise the never ending conflict between the good and the evil. Instead the reader realises how powerful the plague can be and how destructive the thoughts and visions one encounters can become in the outcome of one’s actions.


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