Fallout 4 – Benevolent Leader Trophy


Fallout 4 benevolent leader

Sometimes I just can’t help the fact that I like to have it all, even if it forces me to do something rather not amusing for a while.
In the case of the benevolent leader trophy in Fallout 4 it was a case of roughly two hours. Luckily I had some things to do in between all the action!
I have quite a few settlements in Boston’s Wastelands. Some of them I tend to, some of them I like, some of them I don’t even know I acquired. You see I travel a lot, but one problem with them is that making the settlers 100% happy is rather a hard job. For those wanting to get that trophy that might be in a wat of obtaining platinum one, there is a fairly simple solution, although fairly boring too.
Get an empty settlement. (I had few but went with Jamaica Plains) Make two beds (6 cloth, second bed for yourself) and a chair (5 steel, or any other working combos), one machine gun turret (8 steel, 1 circuitry, 2 gear and 2 oil), build one Bar from stores and food drinks menu, make sure it is at least the second one needing 500 caps, 5 wood, 3 steel. After you had done that load up the settlements with like 20 bottles of purified water and 40 carrots (for your settler to survive 20 days. Any food can be used). Then you need to make sure the settlement is seen as large by the game mechanics; in order to do that spam built loads of wooden crates 70 (210 wood) should be enough. Before going getting a settler confirm using settlement menu (by pressing touch pad) that all values are green and sat zero except, defence 5, bed 2, happiness is at 50 and the bar in top right of the screen is orange meaning settlement is large.
After all that is OK, head to one of your settlements and using workshop menu highlight a settler (not a companion or anything) press square to send him or her to your chosen spot and follow them (not literally! Fast travel!). Once you are there, using workshop menu assign your settler to work the bar and go to sleep. Wake up around 8AM, idle out in game until the happiness level raises, you can check it by pressing the workshop menu, once you notice the value went up, sit in the chair wait (by pressing triangle) till around 8/9PM go to sleep for 12 hours (triangle again) and repeat the procedure until you hit the 100. Raising happiness can take up to ten minutes (the closer to hundred the longer) but my best way of keeping track was to be idle until the game went into the 3rd person view, then check workshop menu, if the value was up, I went to sit and then sleep if not then I’d wait till I’d be idle spinning in 3rd person view, check the workshop menu and repeat the process.
In my case the process started from 60, went to 66, then 72, then 76, 80, 84, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96, 97, 98, 99 and 100. It took me roughly two enjoyable hours chatting away with my son until we finally could just sod off to bed.
After that I realised I’ve still got BoS path to complete (well, one quest) to grab that platinum trophy but I’ll complete next time I’m about Boston. As for now I’m thinking of going back to New Vegas or to perhaps jump to Dunwall City as there is crazily cheap deal through next two weeks for PS4 definitive edition of Dishonored to grab if you fancy revisiting this great stealth game.
I mean sometimes it is cool not to have cash to get all the games you want straight away as some of deals that happen to games that are not recently released are wicked.
Anyway. Enjoy!

Fallout 4 100% happy


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