Death Dream – Graham Masterton



“Death Dream” is second book in a series “Night Warriors” written by Graham Masterton. Unlike with the movies, book sequels give you a good chance at having experience a creation that is at least equal (if not better at times) than the original piece.
Known to us Springer, descendant of the god Ashapol, will be assembling an army of powerful warriors, who possess the tools able to destroy evil while they are entering consciousness of sleeping humans. We’ll meet our hero’s we met in the first book but they’ll not play key roles. Their addition is a nice continuation of the series making it all click between the two titles.
This time around, we meet John, a man who is a single parent to his sin, Lenny. A young boy starts to see a horrid ghost in his dreams and with each passing day the creature becomes more real. The evil is creeping out but our characters are not her aware.
Lenny with passing time becomes a gate, that enables the demonic ghost from Lenny’s dreams to enter the world of the living to take what he wants as he pleases. During one of the brutal sessions where the world of dreams interacts and impacts the world of living John loses his new girlfriend, while he escapes the death only to be hurt and paralysed.
John’s frustration and powerlessness becomes more and more apparent to the point of John stopping believing in himself and it is then when meets Springer who explains to him that he can destroy the demon as he is one of the Night Warriors. He will need some help though but luckily there’s plenty of that available.
That’s where the problem with the book starts, at least for me, as with the addition of new warriors it becomes a bit difficult to incorporate all of them into a fluid action. Another point is, that the previous characters we met in first book become a bit faded which was a bit of shame as I expected the journey to continue with the known to me identities.
Anyway, back to book. This time around the evil is not there to destroy the whole world or at least a nation. The actions of the creature are influenced by a small group oif people making the experience of our protagonist that much personal. There is a lot pain and grief that the characters must overcome making this title a bit difficult to allow reader to get into position of the main character, but on the other hand it creates a very unique, brutal book that leaves one quite shaken up with emotions.
I enjoyed reading “Death Dream” even though I expected to “meet my friends” from the first book in the series.
As always with Masterson’s book the story holds up well and keeps you wanting more and more. At times I had wished that Graham made thus story a little big longer in order to accommodate our previously used characters better in the realms of this story.


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