Night Warriors – Graham Masterton


“Night Warriors” was Graham Masterton’s first novel where he used elements of fantasy and science- fiction. It was also my first book that introduced me to slightly different type of action and opened some new worlds for me down the road.
In the book there’s no one main character. Instead we have a small group of people who meet at a beach, where there’s been a body of young girl found. The trio seems to be completely not belonging to one another as Harry is an ex philosophy professor who is going through some alcohol problems phase. Susan who was adopted by her grandparents after a tragic death of her parents and Gil, teenager whose father owns a supermarket.
There is deep connection between the trio as they are all descendants of Night Warriors- an army of powerful warriors fighting in dreams against the evil.
And the evil is getting reborn, the devil’s returning and soon the dreams of all Americans will be in danger as he’ll try to spread his descendants to rule the world.
Our protagonists become a completely different personalities during their sleep. They turn into Warriors of the night, each of them having a power or a gift that allows them fighting the forces of evil.
As the action develops they are joined by Lloyd and eventually, all of them guided by Springer, asexual equivalent of an angel will have to face the devil Yaomautila.
It’s a carefully created own world by Masterton who filled it with his own rules, his own gods and forces fighting against them in the never ending theme of the good against the evil. “Night Warriors” and few other titles that continue the series are the only ones that reach out in the sci-fi area of Masterton’s writing but they still have loads of common points of Graham classic horror titles. The series is a great way to try something slightly new and see where it’ll take us. You never know.


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