What if? The Madden Way – Ugly truths.


There has been more and more discontent among the Colts’ players. You could feel the atmosphere getting more and more intense so the Week 4 match up against divisional foe, Jaguars was very important for the team.
Both running backs had great games with Talbot recording 96 yds on 17 carries including a touchdown. High expectations towards Jackson finally had been met when he got two touchdowns, on 15 carries, 54 yds wasn’t a great deal but the scores were.
Unfortunately the team lost another game when Jacksonville drive late for a winning touchdown leaving Colts measly 15 seconds. The scoreboard read 34-41 in favour of guest team. Luck had a decent game going for 272 yds (21-35, 2-0) but was easily outplayed on the opposite side of turf with Bortles dropping 442 yds on the Colts D (29-45, 4-1). It was time for serious talks within the franchise. It really was.
Things got really out of hand in Dallas where Washington was playing. Liam Magician looked uncomfortable since the go and was replaced after one quarter where he threw one pick and completed only 2 passes out of 7 attempts for 67 yards. He looked hurt and the Redskins were easily defeated 10-22.
In San Francisco there was plenty of hope for the local team that played against the Cardinals but it became quickly quite obvious that another loss was on its way when at halftime the score was 7-20. Eventually the Cardinals got the win 27-17 and the 49ers were scratching their heads, so was Magician who finished first time scoreless this season with only 2 catches for 22 yards.
It came to the point, everyone needed to rethink their ideas and plans as they obviously weren’t working at all.


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