Spirit – Graham Masterton


Despite its title “Spirit” by Graham Masterton isn’t a typical ghost, scary story. No the novel goes much deeper and hits you on completely different level, one that you’re more likely experience at one point of your life. Well hopefully the circumstances are not going to be as dreadful as you’ll find in this book.
The book grabs you by the throat from the very beginning when you witness a five years old girl named Peggy falls into a swimming pool one cold, winter day. She gets trapped under the sheet of ice and soon she drowns and leaves her parents and two older sisters, Elizabeth and Laura in deep, deep grief that just spills out of the book’s pages gripping your neck making it hard to swallow.
Peggy’s family slowly accepts the death of Peggy despite feeling of guilt and neglect but due to some terrifying events that happen around Peggy’s sister, they start believing that their younger sister somehow looks after them from beyond her grave.
It turns out that Peggy’s spirit can still influence the living and becoming quite a danger.
Masterton beautifully and painfully describes the pain within the family as the years goes by, and mixes the well known myths and legends with the plot of the story suggesting that people who died a specific death can come back to the world of the living under the person of their beloved hero. In case of Peggy it was The Snow Queen and as a reader you might find plenty of references to to the famous title of Hans Christian Andersen.
Masterton introduces readers to the magic world of ghosts, still reminding us that he is still a horror books author. It is very hard to classify “Spirit” and put it on a shelf with other books of the same category as it is very hard to find a category for this title. You won’t find plenty of terror here but suspense and thriller will keep you on your toes from beginning till the end.


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