What if? The Madden Way – Expect the unexpected


After pulling amazing comeback off against the Chiefs, Colts and coach Grumplet were like on cloud nine expecting to steam roll through their next opponent, Titans at home.
The ugly truth was, they got run over like repeatedly and finished the game with an ugly 7-30 score that was followed by a lot of booing by their fans. Tennessee’s defence was so furious it kept Luck to under 100 yards (13-25, 95 yds, 1-1). It was horrendous. The only score came again from Talbot who again luckily escaped some poorly placed tackles. Things in Indianapolis, started looking grim…
Liam Magician was travelling to Phily with his Redskins and they had the game in hand until some poor defensive choices in 4th quarter that saw them giving it up two easy touchdowns for Philadelphia’s win 28-21. Liam had a decent game (21-35, 312 yds, 1-0) but was visibly upset after the defeat.
Marcin on the other hand finally caught a break and his 49ers stole a late win from the Jets hands with a crazy touchdown with 30 seconds left to give them 25-19 victory. Magician had another solid game as he finished with 9 catches for 117 yds and another touchdown.
It was becoming obvious that 2016 season was going to be a test of our lovely guys will and patience. No one really knew what to expect anymore.


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