What if? The Madden Way – Win’s a win regardless.


Sometimes all you got left is anger. Nothing else, pure exhausting anger and you can’t get rid of other way than just getting down to business and getting the job done.
Or struggling again… Life can be really annoying at times.
Marcin Magician had the best feel of how annoying the life can be with seconds left and last dying attempt he could have changed the outcome of his team’s game but somehow he let it slip and the 49ers had to bow in front of the Saints as they won game in front of the angry fans 16 to 10. Magician was called for offensive pass interference in the last attempt, only coz little known rookie cornerback was that little bit annoying. A moment of lapse in concentration and despite 5 catches for 162 yards and the only team’s score, all Magician could say was “Oh I fucked up!”. Life.
Matters gone better for the Colts who had a very late run to force an overtime and get the job done there with 37-31 score at Chiefs home turf. It started ugly with the running game going backwards more often than forwards and with Jamaal finding holes in Colts D line but eventually Luck’s 5 TD to 0 picks and 388 yards (27/44) was just enough to scrape this win together. On the other side Alex Smith played a solid game going for 320 yards (28/41, 3-1) but it just wasn’t enough.
The story of the week happened in Washington where the Redskins ripped a win out of the defending champions, Packer’s throat and they could thank Liam for a desperate scramble in last minute of the game leading to his first rushing TD. The place went nuts and Magician 359 passing yards to go with 1td and 0 picks (26/34) was enough despite Rodgers 426 yards on 50 attempts with 33 completions and 3 to 1 TD to interception ratio. After the game Rodgers said, that this loss really stung hard as he felt he couldn’t do any more to make sure they’d win and yet it wasn’t enough.
So some of our characters caught a break finally. Let’s hope it’ll continue into the future weeks.


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