Black Angel – Graham Masterton


I can’t remember where I found “Black Angel” by Masterton but I can remember very vividly several brutal scenes from the book. I remember saying to myself that the amount of sex and brutality showcased in Graham’s books is one of the reason there’s not many movies made out of his stories. Sometimes there is just simply too much to handle on a visual aspect of matters.
Larry is an Italian cop living in San Francisco who gets a case of a serial killer, who appears to be committing a ritual murders of whole families.
Larry is destined to solve the case providing he can face his own biggest nightmare… And to add to this he’ll have to come across many mutilated creatures that appear to be a work of some psychotic person who just escaped from mental health institute high as a kite on some experimental drugs. If you stomach isn’t string enough, perhaps this title is not for you.
Larry will have to make a journey of discovery where he’ll come across spirits, psychics, many so called experts from the field of the dark magic and those grotesque monsters that will make his stomach turn inside out many times.
The book starts us straight away with an explosion of horror and fear and you can almost think that you might need to forget about reading the book as the first chapter alone sends your senses on a paralysing trip but unfortunately the action then becomes a bit diluted, the plot at times becomes banal and you might start wondering how on earth you got there but there is something that keeps you reading it (perhaps the peculiar monsters straight from mental breakdown hell) and you get rewarded with an epic ending that jumps out at you leaving you unprepared, thinking how on Earth Masterton managed to pull it off…
“Black Angel” despite some flaws remains one of my favourite novels, perhaps due to the fact I like all things that are disgusting, grotesque, obnoxious and just plainly disgusting as hell…
Or, perhaps reading the book desensitised me to all sorts of gore, brutal, hardly imaginable stuff. I don’t know. I first read it in my early teens and I just ate page after page until there was no turning back on what my imagination could handle…


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