What if? The Madden Way – Tough Beginnings

Madden NFL 16 Tallbot TD run

The 51st season of the NFL didn’t start well for our characters. All of them tasted the bitter loss in games that way well beyond competitive after only first half. Marcin’s 49ers lost to the Falcons at home 28-35. At one point of 4th quarter it 32-11 and the score didn’t show how poorly San Francisco played, including Magician who caught only 6 passes for 67 yards and a score in garbage time.
Liam had one of his worst games going 21-38 for 194 yards and 0 td to 3 picks. It was a brutal manhandling delivered by the Giants to the home team. 9-38 was not the score the fans expected.
Indianapolis travelled to Cincinnati and they got there so unprepared that after first quarter the scoreboard read 20-3 for the home team. It was an ugly uninspiring game that coach Grumplet had not much to say. At the end the Bengals won 34-10 . Where Colts failed was the running back, as their hyped potential stud running back, Jackson was benched in second half. it then sparked the running game with a beauty of a run by Talbot who only needed 9 attempts to amass 62 yards. Luck went 16-28 for 222 yards with no td and garbage time, forced pass resulting in pick but the team looked all uninspired, especially the defensive line that allowed Bernard run for 132 yards, setting short fields for scoring. The 2016 campaign didn’t get the start some were expecting. Still, there was plenty of football to play.


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