The Hell Candidate – Graham Masterton


“The Hell Candidate” by Graham Masterton (who wrote it under a pseudonym) isn’t set in his usual circumstances, neither the plot follows the regular mystic, scary, unknown world of the past times.
The novel is initially set more down to Earth and it can take several readers by surprise once the actions evolves a bit more. I read that title while I was, to some degree, fascinated by the USA politics, law and all that. Well, by the strange (for me, at least) system.
The book follows life of Jack Russo, who is the right hand of senator Hunter Peal, one of the strongest candidates for the seat of the USA president. Jack is a PR but out used of his job he tends to lead an ordinary dude, who loves coffee, fast food and whose biggest weakness are beautiful women. It’s a character that one can easily get to like and want to involve in their life as the horror slowly starts to unravel in front of our eyes.
It doesn’t take long into our time spent with Jack when matters around him start taking unexpected turns, he notices that his senator, once calm, down to earth and a humanitarian becomes a person who starts shocking us with his behaviour and his extreme racial approach to matters around him. His change is something that shocks Jack and makes him wonder what had occurred in Hunter’s life that led to such a dramatic change.
What makes everything even worse is the fact that Hunter’s aggressive speeches start getting him more followers and it appears that there is nothing that will stop him now to become next USA president, but given the fact of his recent changes, is it a good move for the country and humanity overall?
When Hunter’s opponents start disappearing in strange circumstances, Jack is faced with the decision of how to stop his employer and how to save the world from him and what appears to be Satan’s will…
It gets so bad that the Pope must get involved in an attempt of rescuing the world from a military disaster.
Will Jack win? Let’s hope he does.
What “The Hell Candidate” does so well is giving us the option of living in horror of potential third World War. What it doesn’t give us, is the ending that some readers would like to experience. Great and sweaty, scary read!


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