The Heirloom – Graham Masterton


The action of “The Heirloom” is fast, swift with plenty of fear and quite a healthy dose of sex, like with many books by Masterton. There is also a demon to keep us company and to keep us guessing.
Ricky loves dealing with antiques and this is his way of bringing income home, so there is no surprise that he gets very happy when one Sunday he strikes a very good deal with a stranger that visits him with plenty of furniture. Hidden in all of that treasure there is one unique piece, a richly chiseled mahogany chair. And it is heavy!
Ricky finally manages to drag the chair inside of his house and still remains puzzled as to why the item is of such enormous weight. In a meantime, the evil slowly stars creeping out in form of trees dropping their leaves, temperature in the house being extremely low.
Masterton slowly builds up a lot of tension in a reader while Ricky is trying to figure out his latest purchase. The dread is only becoming more troublesome as more gore events start to happen in neighbourhood including some fatal victims.
Our protagonist meets David who really trues to buy the chair off Ricky for his client which only wakes more suspensions in our character and soon the duo starts working together and a secret that David keeps to himself , once revealed might lead to dramatic events…
The price is the life of Ricky’s son and then it could even cost lives of many more people…
And the chair… What about the chair? Well, in “The Heirloom” which isn’t really that long, Masterton grabs one by the neck from first pages of his novel and he doesn’t seem to want to let his reader be let off so perhaps the best way to find out what is wrong with the chair is to grab that book and discover it for yourself,
I had already done it. Will you dare it too?


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