Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback – Friday’s Drive


Ford Mustang Fastback_Project Cars

Technology is great, unless you’re a nature lover or you’re a person constantly puzzled by it. But still, the evolution of certain elements of our lives is just brain boggling and at times it just makes me silly. Especially the virtual world where the technology advanced so far that it made me a car driver! And it made me able to drive variety of cars and if I went onto driving a real car, I’d probably run over an old lady trying to hit that apex like nobody’s business.
Anyway. Back to my initial thought of gathering cars enthusiast and video games fanatics in one place where we could perhaps discuss different ideas about cars or racing them in our virtual worlds. It’d be fun but since I’m here all by myself at the moment at least, I should create some stuff to get your juices flowing.
My go to game when it comes to cars is “Project CARS” which I never gave enough time dye to various reasons but at any time if I fancy some driving, crashing, setting up car or racing I go to PCars.
Today I wanted finally get a bit more feel for one of my latest purchases, a couple of DLC packs and I got stuck.
The reason I got stuck is the Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback, that was made in USA in 1966 and is a RWD Front V8 little beast.
I like most of the American street tanks as I call their old classic muscle cars. They are fun and they are dangerous.
Given the fact I only use a PS4 controller, I can’t really immerse myself fully but I’m used to using my imagination and I must say, that driving that little beast was awesome fun, especially in first gear when its arse would wobble, wanting to jump out in front of the bonnet. The car definitely settles quick enough once you’re in second but still keeps you on the toes through twists and bends as it doesn’t like them very much like most of American cars. They hate the turns.
In game menu the Ford’s listed top speed is 225kph so I took it on Mojava Test Track to see how long it’d take to reach its top speed. It didn’t take long and I even exceeded it, you can have a look at its top speed (and then coming to full stop) in this short clip.

I haven’t made any special adjustments in the car setup so I was surprised to see the top result which only makes me wonder if I can squeeze a bit more out of it or perhaps make it even more fun to drive. I’ll try to keep you updated and in the meantime I’m going to go and think about what I really would like to do with thus particular bit of space that I’ll commit to cars and Project CARS.
And if you happen to love building models then perhaps this one will catch your interest. It is amazing how much different stiff you can fund out there once you start digging.
And to finish the entry off, enjoy the picture of my over speeding through some hills and saying hello to a nasty barrier.
Until we meet here next time!




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