What if? The Madden Way – Prologue.


They attended Winston Salem college and the brothers Magicians were really popular out there but not much anywhere else. Liam who was shaping to be a huge quarterback at 6’5″ and 250 angry pounds of flesh just threw a tad wobbly fade to his slightly younger brother who at 6’4″ and 225 pounds wasn’t so much smaller. He reached out, grabbed the ball and the team’s cheerleaders exploded with joy.
Many miles down south, Griswald Grumplet was downing another bottle of vodka.
At the age of 31 his career was finished. It never really took off. He was unaware that over the last months he has been observed and his life was about to change.
Then there was draft and nothing happened, changes within offices and team personnel stuff but our trio still was lost out there in between now and then.
The long awaited summer of 2015 had come and our three characters got finally some good news. Marcin got an invite from Buffalo Bills to the camp, while Liam was chosen by the Browns to hopefully replace the Jimmy “Trouble” Manziel. In most bizzare move coach Pagano quit and Jim Irsay hired Griswald Grumplet as he saw some desperation in the letters that Griswald kept sending to every NFL team.
Preseason came along and our trio has made some impact at the start of the season, Liam was named the starting quarterback for the Browns, Marcin was the second wide receiver choice in Buffalo and Griswald was trying to make Colts’ players to like him a bit. It was all odd.
For Liam the season took off slowly as in his first game, against the Jets he only passed for 152 yards with no touchdowns or picks in losing effort as the team fell 10-27. Next game also brought a taste of losing as Liam, despite managing 332 yards with 2td and one pick run out of steam against the Tennessee.
His first win came in game four against San Diego where Magician was truly magic throwing 2 TD with no picks and driving the ball through the air for 286 yards.
But the fortunes were in Brown’s favours as at the half point there were miserable 2-6 and wiling to die.
Marcin had to wait one game less for his first victory as his Bills squeezed sneaky win out of the Dolphins with late 4tg quarter touchdown reception by Magician. It was his first, and hopefully not last. At half point the Bills were 4-3 and Marcin dropped on depth chart to number 3 after failing to record a hundred yarder.
In Indianapolis matters were peculiarly solid and sound as the Colts were 6-2 at half point and Andrew Luck seemed to have learned how to protect the ball by recording only two interceptions to 12 TD passes.
It looked like the world finally gave our guys a break and there was plenty of looking forward to.


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