Ritual – Graham Masterton


I find “Ritual” to be a book about deep parental love other than anything else really, the way it is written its content and author suggest that you will face some unexpected, dreadful and scary stuff, and you do find plenty of that here, but for me the deeper meaning of the book is Masterton’s will or perhaps need of talking about something a bit more down to earth, something human that we can all easily relate to.
The novel isn’t down to earth though, it is far from it and I know my aunt simply found this book too disgusting to finish it off. She doesn’t know what she lost,
Charlie is an average fella whose job is to inspect restaurants and hotels across the vast States.
He is joined by his son who lives with Charlie’s ex wife and he definitely tries to connect with his son during this journey as he feels as he missed out on many things in his son’s life. He doesn’t know yet that the power of his love to his child as well as to himself will be heavily tested and he will have to conquer many fears and strange circumstances to come out of what lies ahead of him, in one piece.
Charlie and his son Martin find some intriguing information about a restaurant, situated in inaccessible, lovely Gothic building in a village where there had been reports of missing people, especially children. It soon becomes Charlie’s obsession and he can not stop trying to get a table there to try what theory have to offer…
And the place has some rare items on the menu for sure…
As the action follows smoothly the anticipation dread and fear are constantly growing in readers minds and soon enough one finds confirmation of what Charlie might be faced with. It turns out that the place is run by a sect whose members prepare the dishes in the name of God, out of… themselves. The sect’s objective is to consume a million bodies in order to bring Jesus Christ back to Earth… and their last offering is meant to be no one else but Martin.
As one can imagine the book just gets more and more repulsive to those with weak stomachs but as far as the theme goes this time Masterton doesn’t serve us something supernatural or demonical. He provides us with mentally unstable people who become a danger to themselves as well as to those around them and to counteract them the only weapon our character has it is his unconditional love for his son…
And Jesus Christ coming back to the Earth isn’t the most shocking aspect of this book in terms of beliefs or matters that are bit out of reach to our senses, there is going to be something else there, but I’ll leave it to you to discover what’s hiding in the dark.
“Ritual” is one of its kind, where we ponder about the issue of cannibalism and love on the same page. A strange coupling I must say, but very interesting and intriguing once you get to start the journey.


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