What if? The Madden way!


Have you ever wondered if…. of course you have. We all do from time to time. It’s tempting to think what would happen if… And so our imagination goes on a wild adventure.
Nowadays with the technology being so advanced (yet still so limited) we can at least try to simulate certain events or even alter timelines of our lives. With the Super Bowl upon us and with my Colts packed ages ago I started missing some football related “tension” and uncertainty. I kept on wondering what to do with so much less focus on Bleacher’s Report app, that kept me company during so many sleepless nights, and eventually I got an idea to replicate this season of football but quickly disregarded it but the thought stuck with me.
Eventually I decided that I’m not going to lose anything if I try whatever I want to try so I came up with a warming story of two unknown brothers and one little know ex football player. The brothers would go on becoming undrafted rookies whereas the ex football player would earn himself a shocking coaching position and this would all go to the stars with so many happy endings as EA’s Madden 16 will allow us.
I needed a bit of kick to give the offline franchise life. There’s been some ideas thrown around the net about what’s underneath Madden’s hood but I just could get it going just to see what is what and what you eat it with.
Anyway, I decided to cut a bit of this blog living space out and I should be journaling the story of these three people as they enter the crazy works of NFL. We’ll have two football players that’ll be mainly managed by the AI and a head coach who will be taking over the Colts- me.
Well it will be all me but once I create the players (loosely based on myself and my son) I place them in separate teams and let the CPU sort their future out while I’ll be trying to bring the championship to Indy playing the games on All-Pro difficulty with custom sliders and all that boring stuff. The first season will be simmed as to get ahead of ourselves.
Then the presentation will come in form of blog entries that will consist of some write ups, maybe some screens I capture and perhaps short clips I edit out using the PS4 capability (no other means of recording really)…
Anyway, let the season 2015, leading to Super Bowl 50 begins. We will back in 2016 somewhere around the off season or pre-season or anywhere else.


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