Tengu – Graham Masterton


You are just about to find out that Sherry has 23 minutes of life left. Just like that, with this simple and yet horrific message “Tengu” begins. It is another well written title that only bolstered my opinion about Masterton and his craft of scaring us and leaving us with shock written in our faces.
I still remember the day when I finished reading the novel and the end shocked me so much because I didn’t expect it and yet because I was really missing that type of a book ending, that it resulted in me needing to just go out and walk if off in a winter scenery surrounded by harsh and very cold air around me. I just had to cool off. Literally.
Have you ever wondered how the Japanese see the nuclear attacks that finished second World War? Have they forgave the nation or are they planning a painful revenge?
In this title Masterton creates an alternative story where dropping the bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was somewhat the only choice the USA army had to prevent the Japanese from unleashing their secret weapon that could decide the war in their favour. Weapon so undefeated, so indestructible, almost demonic….
People responsible for the bombs attacks are still alive, they are tortured by nightmares by their guilty consciousness. Yet there’s a secret organisation in Japan that can not stand the  cruel act committed against their people, people who are now scared, deformed, miserable.
It is that organisation that forms an army of haunted by demons volunteers who are meant to kill the remaining soldiers responsible for the bombing and also commit an incredible act if revenge on the whole nation of USA.
The book just keeps you guessing until the last page. And yet, you get it wrong despite being sure you eliminated every other possibility. An absolutely great read that only confirms how skillful Masterton is in manipulating histories, merging them with the present world. “Tengu” left me speechless for a long time but it was the good type of speechless for sure.


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