Revenge of the Manitou – Graham Masterton


If you read “The Manitou” you knew it wasn’t over yet (if somehow you haven’t read it yet, do yourself a favour and tick this title of your list) and sure enough Masterton arrives with “Revenge of the Manitou”.
Having receiving so much success with his debut it’s no winder that the author “brings” Misquamacus back to life (after all the first book was turned into a movie, a feat that hadn’t occurred very often with his books).
This time the old ancient shaman is angrier, more determined and brings some serious support to finally make the white men pay but before we get to that point in the story first we meet Toby, a young boy whose father is concerned about as his behaviour slowly turns quite strange, including Toby having hallucinations, there are sightings of ghosts reported too.
Of course our good friend Harry gets involved after Toby’s days tries to find solution himself and Harry tries to help Toby and his dad to figure out what they deal with and how to finish their suffering. Unlucky four everyone involved it turns out that the Misquamacus is not done yet having his vengeance against the cruelty of white men.
This time around the battle for life or death is going to be even harder to win for our characters as the ancient entity brings twenty more shamans from old times to ensure they’ll be capable of bringing out the most terrifying, blood hungry demons.
This book shoes growth in Masterson’s craft and how perhaps the first part should had been written (at least I had the feeling after reading the two books again after a while) and the final battle between Harry and Co. and over 20 shamans trying to throw everything they can at them is absolutely epic and leaves you breathless in the end almost like you were there doing whatever you can to send the demons back to where they belong.
“Revenge of the Manitou” doesn’t disappoint you, makes you wonder if this is the end and most importantly encourages you to reach for another title written by Masterton because you know by now that he is one hell of a storyteller.


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