2016 incoming entertainment


With the new year business way out of the way it’s probably a good idea to look at what to expect in shops or gaming websites in terms of the ‘must have it’ and ‘I’d like to play it’ games that I’ll try to tick off this year, bearing in mind that Fallout 4 might be the top runner in competition of my best game of 2016 (or at least the most played).
As the years have been passing by my desire to be prepared by reading previews, hunting for news and the like has been slowly fading away and it’s not a shock for me to be shocked by a game that is out and ready to have fun with. I think I’m just getting old and looking at the business of video games with less fuss and more chilled and reserved attitude.
Nevertheless I think after coming up with a list of my favourites in 2015 it is a neat idea to see what might tempt me. I’m not gonna go out and list all the titles you must have though. I’ll just create my “wishlist” and leave it here to gather electronically created dust.

Given the fact I’m quirky the only game that, at least now in February, looks like the must have is Dishonored 2. Arkane Studios had dine incredible stuff with the first part and I really enjoyed sneaking around plague-ravaged town of Dunwell. I never managed to get through without killing anyone or accomplishing a lot of side objectives or trophies but the game had me playing it twice and it was a blast. Given the publishing house is Bethesda which I’ve had a fairly long relationship with now, I can guess I’ll be trying to get it day one, finances allowing.
The added perk of the game is the fact (I heard it somewhere in passing through my female friend blog really) that your main character is a woman of opposite sex which in these days should really be a standard as there’s plenty of female gamers but there’s lack of female characters in story driven games. Anyway, the rest of the year looks rather uninspiring and no other titles I marked are the must haves which is good as I’m not really wealthy to chase after them all.
Well Plants vs Zombies – Garden Warfare II might be on the more immediate to buy list as my son is really eagerly expecting the mayhem again but since it is his game, the funds might be there easier to find. I’m looking forward to helping him although there’ll come a day I’ll say, “No more zombiessssss!!!” But in the meantime, why not and the game is out on 23rd of February which is just around the corner.
Another game that won’t require much thinking will be Madden 17, unless there are some worrying reports out there to the point if making it through my walls of obliviousness but hey, it’s Madden. Nothing new there.
Rest of the games I’m lusting below are games from the ‘I’d like to give it a bash’ series and some of the titles might land with me when I find a deal or some other lucky star alignment making the purchase not so burdensome on our lives.
With the lack of racing titles I’m looking at actually doing some research with these three titles. Assetto Corsa, Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo, Dirt Rally Legends Edition.
I don’t know much about Assetto Corsa, except it was supposed to be one of the Project Cars’ rivals on the PC. I’m guessing since the PCars had some decent success on the console market (it’d be hard not to really with the shocking lack of automotive stuff on PS4), I guess Kunos Simulazioni decided to try the console market. I haven’t played any of their titles but I’ve heard of the Ferrari Academy so the game might be ticking my boxes for realism (well as much as you can get it with a controller) and options to setting cars up. Definitely will have to peek into this title a bit to make a decision.
The next two titles have really only chance if I’m in a mood for rally (that comes and goes at random) but I think Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo will have a slightly better chances on basis that Dirt Rally Legends Edition is made by Codemasters who list ton of my confidence and patience when mishandling the F1 series. Both games are more of a long shot but worth having a peek. Talking of Codemasters, I’m planning to grab their F1 2015 title when it falls below 10 pounds just so I can revisit some of the original F1 circuits that other games lack. Unless F1 2016 comes out done properly and my mate starts bugging me to get it, then ill skip it.
Phew… There are some mentions of GT 7 or should I say GT Sport but with how long we all waited for Gran Turismo 5 and his disappointing it was I’m not sure it will make it in 2016.
Anyways, while browsing through titles I came across Agatha Christie: The ABC murders that comes out like within the days and since I loved reading Mrs Christie’s books this game might end up with me when it’s on a cheaper deal somewhere along the line.
Constructor HD might turn out to be a little gem, especially knowing my son’s likes this could turn out to be our Saturday game of the month.
I’ll also ponder about the NBA 2k17 and MLB the show ( I really want to dive in the world of baseball but the lengthy season kinda puts me off plus I don’t know much about the inside-outs of baseball. Plus I think I’m sporty enough šŸ˜‰ ).
There’ll probably some other titles announced through the year and I might pick up some already released ones in 2015 or earlier so I shouldn’t really moan at lack of entertainment as long as I’ll manage to spare some cash for the gaming needs.


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