The Antidote – Moonspell


For some reason I’m just stuck with Moonspell as my inspiration to get out there and do something constructive with my life these days. I haven’t got a problem with that at all as I just enjoy digging in old stuff (well given the age of our planet or other structures out there, ‘old’ is relative term).
I guess 13 years since first it was published you can call an album old and that’s how many years “The Antidote” has been with me. And despite the countless amounts of hours I spent with this album it still manages to trick me, make me all calm and comfortable just to scare the living life out of me with next riff of a growl coming from Fernando’s mouth.
The whole album is very well designed and it can really be explained in few words: tempt, startle, scare, calm down, leave breathless. Many songs here will invite you in with gentle whispers coming from Fernando’s mouth just to make you stop and think with some up best tempo stuff or an aggressive riff that will leas you through a wood straight into chaos where the powerful vocals try to destroy your sense of hearing and if you are still there you might get wall of screaming riffs with, as always in case if Moonspell, great drumming to go along just to leave you begging for more or for some mercy.
it’s an amazing mix of almost sexual temptations mixed with horror of the unknown or the fear of what is beyond our ability to comprehend…
As with many Moonspell albums, you get what you asked for, a very talented drummer, enigmatic and charismatic leader who’s can make you cry with his whispers as much as with his growls and the guitars that sometimes just don’t know when to stop the torture and plenty of magic and mystery mainly served by some clever use of keyboards that just wraps around you silently until you realise you are breathing no more and the time is running out…
As a taster listen to the opening track, it might be something that’ll change your day. Go on!


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