The Manitou – Graham Masterton


This is the book that sparked Masterton’s success across the world (although compared to some other writers he is heavily under appreciated). “The Manitou” is now considered one of Masterson’s classics and it should be. We have the ancient legend that somehow was brought up into modern times to wreck chaos wherever it goes and we have this believable settings making us shiver at the thought of “What would happen if…?”
We also have Harry (who I had mentioned before) who makes his debut. And it’s a good one too! Harry is a great character who really is hard not to like. He is a bit cheeky, easily scared but posing as a brave one self acclaimed psychic who just likes to look for troubles. Sometimes the troubles fund him as it happens in “The Manitou” where Harry is visited by a young woman, who complains about a lump on her neck. After medical check the lump turns out to be a human foetus growing at incredible speed. Talk about that, eh?!
Soon enough there is plenty of strange, unexplained and terrifying events that lead to discovery of the origin of that strange lumpy foetus. Harry works out that the foetus growing on his client’s neck is really a small oddity he has to deal with as he establishes that once the foetus would be born it’d wreck chaos around them as it is supposed to be reincarnation of Indian shaman, Misquamacus who is coming back to kill the white people as a revenge for destroying his land and his people who lived here three centuries ago.
Harry and his friends are tasked with nearly impossible to accomplish mission of getting rid of the shaman, but the modern technology appears to be not up to facing the ancient Indian magic and Harry is forced to think outside of the box to find a solution.
Will he find it? Will the woman survive? There’s many questions but luckily “The Manitou” is a great book to read that just encourages you to go through page after page, and by the time you realise, you know the outcome of this strange battle and somehow you’re not sure if it really ended, as you look carefully behind you to check if your front doors are locked.


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