2015 year by the games



It is not going to be top 10 or the best of or the worst off. Simply, I just wanted to make a note of PS4 titles that accompanied me in 2015. Most titles were published in 2015 but there is couple that were released in 2014 but I very rarely buy games on a release day nowadays.
My son kicked the year off for me so to speak by involving me in his quest for a platinum trophy on PvZ Garden Warfare. I must admit I actually enjoyed the light take on shooter games as to be honest “real big boys” like Battlefield actually started putting me off. Not so much the games as the way people play them online.
It was refreshing to chase after cactuses or some half dead zombies and as soon as we are able, we hope to get the second instalment for hopefully more crazy fun.
Along the same time in my spare time I finally showed some bravery and got Dragon Age: Inquisition during some sale or other. It was plenty of debating with myself if I really can hack it and whether I’ll see it through but boy once I got going the World full of dragons (I fought them all) just kept me closely to the telly and my son made himself a list of dragons names while I was trying to bravely face them. I don’t think this game needs a recommendation but I had actually had great time despite earlier fears that “it’s not set in world of Fallout”.
Next title perhaps should be placed in family game tag as it is ps4 version of a board game Risk. I am a sucker for board games but never had the chance to play many back in Poland. When I heard of RISK, I just had to get it and I got what I paid for. Strategic fun against AI or my son. Good times.
Dying Light arrived some time later. I never knew there was quite an established studio in Poland making some good titles for consoles. The game was brilliant, scary and felt fresh to me, I really enjoyed the story and its characters unfortunately there’s been too much motion sickness episodes for me that sometimes I couldn’t shake off.
There! Finally after such a long wait I had it! Project Cars was here, we were going to gather old gang and do some serious racing. It was meant to be blast and I’d finally be able to utilise my interest in setting up cars in decent simulation environment and show off my determination.
Well that never happened but game turned out solid after few patches. There were initially some features that were missing or were bugged and it put me off but the main reason I haven’t spent as much as I expected was the lack of community aspect, where I could race against people without the usual public lobby chaos. Great racing title regardless, will defo play it in 2016.
I managed to grab an used copy of Tropico 5 fairly cheap and got busy with the career and I got outsmarted by AI so many times it almost felt unreal to certain degree. I had to resort myself to lowering difficulty (either political or financial, never both) levels in couple of missions as I think I didn’t develop my island well enough at the beginning to face challenges served later on. I never managed any multiplayer there which is a shame because it could prove fun.
Eventually I traded Tropico 5 as I noticed spike in prices and I really wanted to bring some teen memories back and went out all crazy with purchase of MK X. Had loads of fun completing the career and also distracting myself with the Krypt mode, my fingers skills were never good enough for online but I did beat few peeps online.
Madden 16 was kinda no brained for me because I’m still learning to play football plus I’m in 32 people league with some very knowledgeable people and since there’s no alternative to M 16 it is kinda yearly purchase for me. I think the CFM mode needs a bit more improvements done but this year release already showed promising things and the way devs went about patches’ contents (based on what community wanted in many cases) I’m hoping this year instalment is going to be even better. I wish by that time my play calling improved as it is sad that having Colts I missed on playoffs twice already.
After I got all my sweat out with MK X I decided to traded it back but I reminded dedicated to my teens and jumped into NBA river with NBA 2k16. I was worried that the incredible depth of the game will put me off, that I’ll be really rubbish with controls but I think I overcame my inability to play basketball on a tv screen and I really enjoyed the title for the first time since like 2k06 when I realised that creating my old rosters and trying to manage 82 games season was just too much. Nowadays…whoa…so many classic teams, so many great players to utilise, so many memories. It’s amazing how the gaming world evolved. Funnily enough the most bit I enjoy is myteam. I know it’s a money making scheme for the 2k but I stick to the companion app to make some virtual currency so I don’t waste money there. Just some time.
With both these sport titles, there’s something I’d love to do (perhaps even a feature for this blog) in terms of offline season/career but I’m still struggling with some innovation plus I’d not be able to record gameplay and my streams lack quality so the story telling would have to be written.
And the last game that I marks my 2015 gaming is Fallout 4 about which I already written here few times. It’s really what I expected plus much more, the only thing that puzzles me is leaving out multiple endings to quests and the karma system. Nevertheless, that game will swallow a sizeable chunk of 2016 for me.
And here it is. My fairly not exciting year 2015 through my gaming. I should really also add the Skylanders series here as my son discovered them in 2015 but I only really accompanied my son in the various journeys on the tv screen and around the shops looking for some lucky deals on the figurines.
I’m not sure yet what 2016 will bring in terms of gaming, few titles from this list will accompany me early this year and then I’ll see what’s behind another corner.


2 thoughts on “2015 year by the games

  1. The old gang! .. Oh the good old days of racing with online buddies and knowing you could trust them (well most of them) I blame the ps4, it killed the little community and spilt us apart. The haves and the have nots as I would call it , some of us could afford the new console and some of us soldiered on with the old favourite thus splitting us up and you know what I could see it coming so clearly. A part of my gaming life died when this happened and my appetite for gaming online died too. I now find myself back at square one just like the original PlayStation 1 days and just playing AI , it’s a sad turn of events but I will hold some great memories of Many late night gaming sessions and also making many virtual friends some more than that and you marcin are one of my best online buddies. Miss you my friend and love this new blog which I shall support. Maybe just maybe one day we can all get back online together… Just maybe X


    • Oh wow. Such nice words. Thanks matey I miss you too and I’ll try to get us going somehow at some point hopefully. Doesn’t have to be a lot but a good quality. These few years at KFF were the best years of my gaming times so I think I just gotta sit tight until I sort my life out a bit more.
      Anyway, nice of you dropping by Kev. I’ll be supporting you in your running this year, just keep us updated with all the lovely pics on instagram 🙂


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