Charnel House – Graham Masterton


There is something special about the late seventies and eighties. It’s an era when many changes took place around the world, where new ideas were born and where people had the courage to change.
You can feel it to some degree while reading “Charnel House”, another earlier book by Masterton. It is distinctive from so many titles one can find nowadays the same way as the eighties are still a distinctive period in our younger generation who had the chance to experience it.
Anyway I think I could say many stories from my life that would catch someone’s interest but it definitely would not be as powerful as what John Hyatt is about hear soon.
Before he met this strange man, John was fairly average and more than fairly bored sanitation worker in San Francisco. He’d get by with his humor but he thought there was more to life than that, especially that the dude wasn’t really luck with women.
So John meets Seymour who tells him, that he’d like John to investigate his house as it has some unusual problems, these are not rats or other bugs to which John is used to, no. The problem with the house is that it appears to…breath…
The novel takes very classical turn (for Masterson’s early works) where the main character is faced with something much more powerful he or she can comprehend and as it is with John, first sceptical he changes his mind after paying Seymour a visit and realising that the house is actually breathing.
John turns for help to his mates and a fairly strange ex-girlfriend and they all come to conclusion that the house is about to give birth to some Indian demon that can turn everyone’s involved, quiet lives into an obvious horror.
As I mentioned before, Masterton skillfully mixes legends with, the oh so possible reality of his characters in “Charnel House” and throws it all into one bag where decisions must be made quickly and more importantly where they need to be the right ones otherwise the world we know might stop existing.


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