You are an arse Deacon. Go away.

Fallout 4_20160129122257

Another companion in Fallout 4 that in a way helps me established which factions to choose from is Deacon. I think there’s only one way to meet him and it is by finding out the secret quarters of the Railroad. There’s a quest that is meant to assist players in that task but I must be stupid or something because I just had to give up in the end when I got scared by the Swan.
I mean there’s meant to be a path that is secretly marked but as I mentioned above I’m stupid and possibly blind (well I’m short sighted for sure as my optician says) so it took me a while of just random walking about with some odd quests done here and there when I finally came across the so ever secret entrance to the head quarters of Railroad. Here was the first time when I resorted to a tad of cheating as there’s a bit of a puzzle to solve before unravelling the secretly placed quarters.
Anyways… Deacon was the one that put a good word for me so the Railroad folks would let me join their oh so noble cause. I didn’t like Deacon from the first sight even though without his approval I’d be dead stuck but he just stroke me wrong and the feeling stayed with me.
Before he could become available as my companion I had to prove to the Railroad that I can take care of myself (like the scars on my face along with black metal band make up on my ugly’s face were not good enough as evidence).
The quest wasn’t really inspiring or difficult, but Deacon just had the thing for shooting things so I even had to fight of a bunch of Radstags as I got a bit lost in between a yao and some raiders. It was a hard work to carry on with the quest because of Deacon’s presence.
Since he was the Railroad top secret spy and go to guy I didn’t think much of the organisation itself. I must give Deacon credit for changing his appearances and being always on a look out but his sense if humour just didn’t appeal to me and as we started travelling together his stories of being a prototype synth, or Railroad hidden leader were more of annoyance than amusement but hey, I earned a bit of XP on these speech challenges so not all was so bad I guess.
I’m not sure if it was a game glitch or not but on few occasions one of my settlements would go nuts on me whenever I appeared there with Deacon and for a while he also prevented me from completing miscellaneous quest that would allow me to grab Cait as a companion as he kept on initiating fire during the Combat Zone end of quest locking her and her mate Tommy in never ending fight against them making it all that bit more puzzling and annoying.
It was nice then to realise there was no specific challenge to complete to obtain his perk, that will definitely interest people with stealthy attitude, so as soon as we got through his fairly annoying storied and I reached the peek with him I was glad to send him off to one of my settlements. Currently he resides at Abernathy Farm manning the Canon I build from the list you obtain when doing the quest “The Castle”. He sometimes tries to be funny and initiate a convo with me but I usually tell him not be an arsehole.
From my point of view it was definitely not a recommended encounter while enjoying Fallout 4 but I can see how it could appeal to some pranksters out there.


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